A teacher’s plan: 7 tips to prepare the perfect lesson

perfect lesson

As a teacher, you dedicate countless hours to preparing lessons that inspire and engage your students. While the effort required to craft an impactful 45-minute lesson may seem challenging, systematically approaching the planning process can make the task more achievable. By following the steps and tips in this article, you can develop a well-structured lesson … Read more

Building Strong Teacher-Student Relationships

Teacher-Student Relationships

A positive and strong student-teacher relationship is essential for building a good learning environment. We all have at least one teacher we loved; we were always more engaged in their classes and learned a lot from them because they were patient, empathetic, and active. Their wisdom and mentorship were genuinely life-changing for us.  A strong … Read more

Creating and Customizing Word Clouds in PowerPoint: Why You’re Doing it Wrong

Word Clouds in PowerPoint

PowerPoint, Microsoft’s flagship presentation software, is under-utilized by a startlingly large number of users. This is not a condemnation but rather an unfortunate truth. Among these unused features, one stands out – the ability to create a “word cloud”. Today, we will delve deep into how to create a compelling, eye-catching word cloud in PowerPoint … Read more

Financial Stewardship: Balancing Christian Principles and Business Profitability

Financial Stewardship

In today’s commercial sphere, the objective of profitability is always at the forefront. Nevertheless, for Christian entrepreneurs and business professionals, fiscal stewardship goes beyond just productivity. It contains a pledge to coordinate corporate practices with Christian values of honesty, integrity, and sound judgment.  In this post, we will analyze the concept of financial stewardship and … Read more

Eight Fields of Psychology You Can Consider to Pursue Your Career

Fields of Psychology

There is an incredible diversity within the world of psychology. As a fast-growing field, psychology offers a plethora of specializations for students and professionals alike. A report claims that there were more than 181,000 practicing psychologists in the United States in 2018. The overall employment of psychologists is anticipated to increase by 6% between 2021 … Read more

4 Skills Only Higher Business Education Can Sharpen

Business Education

The corporate sector is one unique business realm that has proven its ability to remarkably transform and adapt to new developments. It plays a commendable role in ensuring the efficient operations of many industries. However, since competition is tough in the corporate field, individuals may face multiple challenges fitting in if they don’t possess specific … Read more