From Python Novice to Expert: A Roadmap for Students

Python language is slowly taking over with setting new goals for the future. Being an advanced computer language, Python is something that students got to be skilled about. Every big path is once initiated by a novice with higher aims. So, if you are one of the readers who is looking for ways to know Python more, then here is a complete roadmap for you. 

What to Learn as a Beginner from Python Tutors?

Expert Mentors can help guide students in covering the following subjects. 

Introduction to Python

This covers the basics of Python beginning from the detail about it, why it is being profoundly used, how it will take the near future, how to set it up on the computer, etc. This covers every detail about the subject, making it easy for a student to predict why he must use a certain language.

Basic Syntax

Python tutors also guide students with the basic syntax like usage of variables and data types like floats, strings, booleans, integers, etc. This syntax includes various code blocks, indentation, etc. Most importantly, online Python tutors teach the basics of using comments with the term “#”. 

Input and Output

It is about denoting the inputs and outputs from programming. For this they teach how to use ‘print ()’ for output and ‘input ()’ for inserting the program. The input and outputs for program insertions play a key role in building the program. 


Another basic knowledge that the tutors guide the students with is the usage of several arithmetic operators like (+, -, *, /, %, //, **). Along with these operators, several other used operations include Comparison operators like (==, !=, <, >, <=, >=) and logical operators like (and, or, not), etc.  

Conditional Statements

The initial course of Python also includes the applications of statements like ‘if’, ‘elif’, and ‘else’. With this, the conditional expressions (ternary operator) are also used.

Basic Topics Varying with the Courses

Apart from the basics mentioned above, there are several other topics covered by online Python tutors. These include

  • Loops to control statements.
  • Data Structures for creating the statements
  • Functions for creating return values
  • Error Handling statements
  • Modules and Libraries to explore standard Python
  • File Handling
  • Creating working Dictionaries
  • Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)
  • List Comprehensions
  • Basic Debugging Techniques
  • Version Control (Optional)
  • Basic Algorithms and Problem Solving
  • Best Practices and Style Guide as directed by the tutor
  • Documentation and Comments to formulate the code
  • Project Structure

Based on these courses, you must schedule how much time you should invest in the online course. This can help!

How Much Time to Give While Learning from Online Python Tutors?

Looking at so much to do in a limited span of time, it gets difficult to find out how much time to devote. If you are a student, then you can dedicate your summer vacations to online Python tutors. Devote only 2-3 hours for 10 weeks to learn the in and out about Python. This time limit is enough to learn and practise the basics of Python. 

How can You Start Your Python Course?

You do not have to fill applications forms for booking the python tutors in town. You can get knowledge from global tutors who can guide you with the basics and advanced Python courses. For this, online Python tutors are at service. Introduce yourself on online platforms like Wiingy, Coursera, Udemy, etc. where they house professional online tutors on-board. Insert your query and get assisted by an expert. Moreover, platforms like Wiingy have multiple tutors on-board. You get to chat about what type of course you prefer and for how long. The AI technology will match your concern and give you options for the tutor accordingly. This makes it extremely easy to find the professional for your concern and the time you ask for. 

What Roadmap Should You Follow to Do Your Python Course?

Here are some of the initiatives that you can take if you are thinking about mastering in Python language. 

Build a Schedule

Build a schedule about how many hours are you supposed to give to python tutoring. If you can give two hours, then you can pick a longer duration of the course. If you are ready to devote three hours a day, then you can go ahead with the shorter duration, of course. Follow this course religiously to master it. 

Determine the Course

Every online Python tutor follows their own set of programmes and courses. As a student, you should go through the curriculum provided by the tutor and pick the course that matches your needs the most. 

Book Tutor Online

Next, you can head to the online platforms providing the Python course. Visit online, match the curriculum, and book the tutor online accordingly. 

Choose the Time

The best part about booking an online Python tutor is how you can schedule your classes at the time you prefer. Whether you want it early in the morning or you need it late at night, your tutor will be readily available to teach you online. 

Practise Regularly

Practise makes a man perfect. This can be especially seen in the case of Python, where you can master the skills only after you have applied it practically. Don’t do it for days; rather, do it for months and see miracles happening over time. 

What Career Prospects can Python Open for You over Time?

Mastering in Python can open several career prospects for you like 

  • Software Development
  • Data Science and Machine Learning
  • Web Development
  • Automation and Scripting
  • Data Engineering
  • Game Development
  • Scientific Computing and Research
  • Finance and Fintech
  • GIS (Geographic Information Systems)
  • Cybersecurity
  • Healthcare and Bioinformatics
  • Education

You will be open to several opportunities to try this advanced course. But the first and foremost green flag for the road map of learning Python is taking courses from expert online Python tutors, practising it regularly and following it religiously. This will open more options for you and grant you more security in terms of career over time. 

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