Functions Of Nurses – Heroes Of Today

Generations passed by, yet one of the most sought professional healthcare fields is still nursing. As a country that provides priority to the citizen’s healthcare but lacks resources and proper healthcare areas, ensuring a set of proficient workers is a prime concern. These health-related labor forces must hold excellent skills in assessing one’s patient, providing diagnoses, forethought implementing remedies and medication before and during the patient’s healing process, and evaluating the patient’s health status every once in a while. These skills must be well-presented in the nursing resume. There are numerous ways to ensure an informative resume online and one of which is a resume builder

Moreover, a nurse is required to keep an optimum level of concern and care for the well-being of their patients regardless of the severity of their illness. With that, let us discuss further each duty that nurses take responsibility for.

1. Assessing one’s patient

Upon assessing a patient’s health condition, it takes a lot of observational and communication skills to collect an individual’s data that are relevant and related to their disposition. Thus, it takes a skilled individual to accurately assess a patient’s status in order to help him or her be cured immediately in a short period of time. Without an accurate initial assessment, it may become difficult to find the right type of remedy to be provided to the patient.

2. Providing accurate diagnosis

A patient’s record must reflect an accurate and comprehensive summary of the gathered data and information in relation to his or her condition during his or her stay in the hospital. Accurate records will contain observations of clinical outcomes. Hence, it is important to have a keen eye on the patient’s status. This includes his or her symptoms, the patient’s past medical history, the meals taken, the possible complications, and other aspects that a medical field worker must look into. 

3. Forethought implementation of remedy and medication before and during the patient’s healing process

Hospitals are created to provide alleviation and remedy for diseases, illnesses, and other medical issues that patients may face. Hence, it is an important role of a nurse to assist doctors in providing remedies and medication before, during, and even after the patient’s healing process in order to ensure their holistic well-being, may it be physical, emotional, or mental. Medications and procedures to be conducted on a patient must be well-thought and must be accurate for each condition because if not, it may just aggravate the condition of the patient, worsening their illness and suffering.

4. Evaluating the patient’s health status every once in a while

During and even after the patient’s medication, it is just right to check on them from time to time in order to ensure the stability of their condition. This must be done in order to avoid the regeneration of the disease, worsening the condition of the patient instead of allowing them to heal. Additionally, this will also help the medical professionals to easily identify other medical issues, if there are some, and provide immediate care to the newly detected illness. Detecting illnesses as early as possible and providing an immediate cure for them will help in reducing the possible risk, which will eventually help in saving the patient’s health and even their life during worst-case scenarios.


In nursing, various qualifications are required to ensure a competent worker. Aside from these previously mentioned skills, one must learn how to communicate very well since, in this field, what the workers are handling are not just typical objects. They are handling precious lives. Hence, it is important to attain skills that are significant in this field, such as intense attention to detail, a sense of responsibility and empathy, interpersonal skills, problem-solving skills, and even emotional stability and physical endurance. This way, a patient can ensure that their life is in great hands. 

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