How College Essay Writing Skills Can Help In Blogging

Ever since childhood, when one starts to get a grip on the language in academia, the next step comes in the form of learning to write college essays. The purpose of writing an essay is to clearly portray one’s ideas, opinions and thoughts. The focus of schools in teaching essay writing is to equip the students in portraying their ideas in an effective manner throughout their lives. In the modern age of the internet, writing one’s personal experience and anecdotes in the form of short articles is being adopted as a profession. These short informal articles are known as blogs. Writing these blogs is definitely possible only if one has a good grip on language and vocabulary that is understandable for the masses which come from essay writing.

Studies have time and again proven that a good college essay writer is also a good blogger. This is because the skill of essay writing inculcates the basic ingredients of gluing the reader to the piece of writing. The benefit of having the skill of essay writing to crafting blog posts is that the former helps in developing mastery in using correct vocabulary and flawless grammar. In addition to this, essay writing creates a subconscious awareness about plagiarism and thus helps in creating copy-paste free blogs. If one is good at writing descriptive essays, he/she becomes a pro at writing blogs as these include personal experiences, book and movie reviews, discussions on events etc.

Essay Writing Skills Can Help In Blogging

Those who can’t cope with writing themselves, apply for write my college essay for me help to reputable writing services. Essay writing also helps one in gathering information from reliable resources as it averts the blogger from quoting half-cooked information haphazardly. Thus, it may be safely stated that essay writing skills are a great help in writing blogs. In the upcoming paragraphs, the fact that how essay writing skills aid in writing good blogs shall be discussed in detail. (Oceanup)

First of all, essay writing skill brings excellency in the use of vocabulary as well as grammar of the blog. This is due to the fact that in academia, college essay writing focuses on flawless expression and the correct use of grammar. It is a fact that any reader that comes across a blog article having grammatical and language mistakes would not be interested in reading that blog completely. The reason behind this is that the reader would think that perhaps the blog is written by a naïve writer no matter how credible information is being imparted in the piece of writing. A well written blog requires proper usage of language in an understandable manner which is learnt by essay writing. Thus essay writing skill helps a blog writer in crafting an error free article both in terms of grammar as well as vocabulary.

Secondly, the art of essay writing helps one to be mindful of plagiarism which translates to blog writing process. Plagiarism is when a writer incorporates someone else’s work into his own without acknowledgement. In academia, an essay is marked down if traces of plagiarism are detected more than the allowable limit. This makes students mindful of originality in their essays with minimal plagiarism. Thus when a good essay writer creates a blog, he is always mindful of having least to no plagiarism in the piece of writing at hand. A low-plagiarism and original blog adds to the credibility and makes the reader feel that whatever is being read is reliable. On the other hand, a copy-pasted text would make the reader feel skeptical of the blog that he is reading. Therefore, the art of essay writing helps in blog writing by ensuring that writing at hand is plagiarism free.

Thirdly, the process of writing descriptive essays creates the ability of narrating personal experiences in blog writing. A descriptive essay requires the writer to describe an object, a person, any place, an experience, an emotion, a situation, etc. This type of college essay encourages the students in creating a written account of their own experiences (Lab Purdue). Students that have good descriptive essay writing skills are best at writing blogs as the latter also involve writing one’s personal experiences regarding various aspects of life ranging from beauty to healthcare. Thus a well-articulated blog inculcates informal way of describing something with a personal touch which comes from having experience of essay writing. In a nutshell, the art of essay writing aids in blog writing by equipping the blogger with the tool of narration in his piece of writing.  

Fourthly, being acquainted with the art of writing college essays also benefits blog writers in creating reliable content. In academia, the process of essay writing requires the writer to do research and collect information from various credible sources. The information is referenced as well to add credibility to the essay at hand. As per Skillsyouneed, a good essay writer is aware of the fact that reliable sources of information would convince the reader of his point of view. Thus when a good essay writer works on a blog, he will keep an eye on the sources which he will quote in order to be more relevant. A quality blog does not only have the blogger’s views but also contains references from other sources as well. This quality makes the blog more trustworthy. In short, the art of essay writing helps in blogging by inculcating the aspect of adding references to the blog for the sake of credibility. (Dek)

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In conclusion, in academia an individual is first taught the basics of language through its grammar and vocabulary. Once this is learnt, the student is taught the art of essay writing. Essay writing is taught to enable an individual in expressing their ideas and thoughts in a clear way. In the contemporary world of internet, blogging has become very common which involves writing short articles based on writer’s personal experience. It has been proven from research that having the skill of essay writing proves very beneficial in writing blogs. This is due to the fact that college essay writing helps one in learning the basics of language and vocabulary. In addition to this, essay writing skills enable the writer in adding certain elements in the blog that help him grab the attention of the readers. These elements include the use of flawless grammar, appealing vocabulary and avoiding plagiarism at all costs. The skill of writing good descriptive essays proves beneficial while writing blogs as blog articles are narrative and descriptive in nature involving personal touch. Additionally, the essay writing skill also result in bloggers being careful in adding references from reliable sources to increase the credibility of the blog. As per the above discussion, it may be safely stated and concluded that college essay writing skills do help in crafting good blogs for the internet.

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