Last Day of School Activities

There’s no time for long-term projects on the last day of school. The kids have mentally checked out, and the teachers aren’t far behind. We still need to keep the natives from getting restless and out of control by filling the day with something productive.

Consider these ideas for organizing the last day of the school year so it’s memorable and fun.

Write a Letter to Next Year’s Students

Ask your students to write letters to the students they will be teaching next year. The kids can offer tips for success in your classroom, favorite memories, inside jokes, or anything else a new student might need or want to know. You’ll enjoy seeing what the kids remember and how they view you and your classroom. For the first day of school next year, you have a ready-made activity.

Make a Memory Book 

Create a simple book for kids to fill out on the last day(s) of school. There should be sections for my favorite memory, a self-portrait, autographs, what I learned, and a drawing of the classroom. You will appreciate a memory book of your students’ year in your classroom if you get creative.

Clean, Clean, Clean

Make use of your youthful energy and elbow grease to reduce the workload associated with closing down and cleaning up your classroom. Whether it’s scrubbing desks, taking down posters, or straightening books, kids will love it. All tasks should be written on index cards, passed out, music turned up, and supervision provided. You could play The Coasters’ “Yakety Yak” while they clean. There is a song that sings, “Take out the papers and the trash, or you won’t get any spending money!” Dare them to finish their jobs before the song ends.

Assign Impromptu Speeches

Create a jar of 20 quick speech topics and let the kids choose from them. Then call them up for spur-of-the-moment speeches after they have prepared mentally. Click here for a complete list of topics, including “Can you convince us to buy the shirt you are wearing now?” or “How would the school be different if you were principal?” Audiences love to watch, and speakers enjoy getting creative on stage.

Play Outdoor Games

Choose a few activities for the last day of school from that outdoor games book you never used this year. Guy Bailey’s The Ultimate Playground and Recess Game Book is a great choice. It might as well be a good use of the kids’ energy and excitement since they will be antsy anyway.

Organize Learning Game Centers 

Children won’t even realize they’re learning. Bring all of your classroom’s educational games together. Divide the class into small groups and designate a center for each game. Set a timer for each game and give each group a certain amount of time. Upon receiving the signal, the groups rotate around the room so everyone gets a chance to play each game.

Focus on Next Year

Write, draw, or discuss how things will be different in the next grade level with the kids. When third graders are finally in fourth grade, they can imagine what they will learn, look like, act like, and feel like. Despite the fact that it has only been a year, it seems like an eternity to them.

Hold a Spelling Bee

Hold a traditional Spelling Bee using all of the school’s spelling words. Although it can take some time, this is certainly an educational experience.

Go Back to Back

Using a safety pin, attach a large index card or thicker piece of paper to each child’s back. Afterwards, the kids write nice comments and memories on each other’s backs. When you’re finished, each child gets to keep the note with compliments and fun times written on it. You can also join in, teachers. To reach your back, you might have to bend down.

Write Thank You Notes

Recognize and appreciate those who helped your children succeed this year – the principal, secretary, food service workers, librarian, parent volunteers, even the teacher next door. It may be a good idea to start this project a few days before the last day of school so that you can do it properly.

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