7 Reasons Why Online Calculators Have Made Learning Differentiation and Integration Easy

Understanding integration and differentiation are one of the most difficult topics in mathematics. These are the two nerve-wracking concepts for students as well as teachers. The new concepts of calculus are difficult to learn and practice manually so technology has introduced different AI tools to make learning easy and time-saving. Online calculators are one of these tools that have made learning differentiation and integration easy. There are different kinds of online courses available in the market and you need to select the one that can better help you learn differentiation and integration. Here are some of the reasons why online calculators have made learning differentiation and integration easier.

Differentiation and integration as two important concepts of calculus:

Differentiation and integration are two of the most important concepts in calculus. Differentiation is the process of finding the rate of change of a function, while integration is the process of finding the area under a curve. Both of these concepts are essential for solving problems in physics and engineering.

These two concepts are not only important in physics and engineering but also in practical life. As we already know mathematics functions have played an important role in great discoveries like jet planes, bullet trains, Artificial Intelligence, and many more. 

Differentiation calculator finds the derivatives of a function and gives information about the rate of change of one function concerning the other function. We can calculate the change in a function at any point by taking the derivative. Integration helps in calculating the area under the curve of two important points in a graph. We can calculate an integral only after regular intervals. Both integration and differentiation functions are inverse to each other.

Role of AI in learning calculus:

Calculus is a complex yet important branch of mathematics. In the past, there were only a few geniuses that were experts in calculus because learning was very difficult at that time. Advancement in the field of AI has made teaching and learning easier for teachers as well as students (especially complex subjects). Online calculators are one of the revolutionary inventions of AI that can solve the most complex problems in seconds. 

Now students can easily understand the most difficult concepts of calculus with the help of calculators. You might be wondering if a calculator is a common gadget that everyone uses normally (if you are not a calculus student), but let me tell you that calculus calculators are different from your simple 2+2 calculator. A normal calculus student can easily operate these calculators and get help in their studies. 

How calculators have made learning easy:

Calculators have made learning easy, especially when it comes to math. With a calculator, students can easily figure out complex equations and problems that would otherwise take a lot of time and effort to solve. Following are some reasons why using calculators has made learning calculus easier;

Shows instant results:

With an online calculator, you only need to enter the function in the inbox and with one click, you will be given the solution of the function within seconds that would have otherwise taken a few hours. Some calculus problems are so complex that they take a bunch of pages to be solved but online calculators save you from this effort by providing instant results.

Offers different approaches to solve a single problem:

Manually it is impossible to try different approaches for a single problem because it is very time-confusing. So teachers only taught one approach for a single problem. But online integration calculator provide different solutions to a single operation. This enhances the student’s problem-solving ability by offering different options for a single problem.

Can solve more than one problem at a time:

The best feature of AI tools is that they can multitask (can solve different operations at a time). You can enter more than one problem at a time and get separate results for all problems in an instant. But this feature is only helpful if you are an expert otherwise it would confuse you.

Can check your homework:

You can scan your homework in online calculators to check if you have done it right. Simply enter the homework problems and match the answers. It would also help you in practicing calculus when you don’t have an instructor.

Helps understand the concept with visual graphs:

Some advanced calculators have a feature that shows the solution with visual graphs to better understand the concept. The derivatives and integrals are highlighted in the graphs which helps in better learning. Some calculators also include 3D visuals to learn differentiation and integration with three-dimensional graphs.

Provides the step-by-step solutions to a problem:

The online calculators provide a step-by-step guide to solving a particular problem. This step-by-step procedure helps you learn and understand each step correctly so you might be able to solve the problem by yourself in the exam. Because these differentiation and integration calculators are not allowed to be used in exams. These are only here to help you learn these concepts easily.

Saves time and effort:

As we all know, technology always saves us time and energy. It solves every problem within seconds which we would take hours to solve. Online calculators also provide us with these important benefits. Today, anyone can solve any differentiation and integration problem with a single click by simply using online calculators. Using an AI tool is time-saving and less tiring but only if we know how to use it.


Calculus students are often caught up in complex differentiation or integration problems and spend hours trying to solve them. You can avoid this hassle by using online calculators to solve differentiation and integration problems. These calculators are time-saving, accurate, and effortless tools to help you learn calculus. A unique feature is the use of visual aids to help you better understand the concept. Above I have listed the 7 benefits of using online calculators. I hope you enjoyed the article on how online calculators are making learning differentiation and integration easy.

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