Christmas Math Worksheets for Kids

It’s always a time of joy and happiness as Christmas approaches, but nobody thinks about leveraging that fun to study. Christmas math worksheets are the easiest tools to help kids learn math during the holidays alongside their online math courses.

With thematic Christmas worksheets, you can teach kids how to add, subtract, divide, multiply, and enrich their math learning. The tools are also useful in developing arithmetic thinking and counting skills while introducing a little Christmas spirit. 

We’ve put together a list of Christmassy math for kids exercises that can be used to introduce new math concepts during the holidays. Even if your kids aren’t normally interested in learning, they will love to work on these math worksheets.

The Bingo Dauber

Bingo Dauber is a printable Christmas math worksheet that kids and preschoolers will love and get interested in as the tools combine art and counting. The Bingo Dauber Christmas worksheet allows kids to make numbers using bingo markers.

Your kids will enjoy working on this number worksheet and learn to count from 1 to 12 and recognize those numbers too. Children should be able to finish painting the picture as they count to 12, an exercise which helps strengthen a kid’s hand muscles.

Twas the Night иefore Christmas

Twas the Night иefore Christmas is a free printable pack of worksheets that contains twenty pages of fun math, literacy, and handwriting activities for preschoolers. The activities in the pack also contain tasks that require color-based operations. Many exercises in the sheets require children to color according to the information shown, which is a fun way to learn standard colors.

Each Christmas worksheet activity helps toddler and preschoolers develop math skills. The tools also improve a kid’s reading and writing skills while ensuring fun that comes with Christmas themes. During Christmas time, the activity helps children practice reading skills as they read through the poem written by Major Henry Livingston Jr.

Christmas Counting Clip Cards

The free Christmas counting clip cards worksheet isn’t just limited to counting the clips. Kids can use ten frames per card to create Christmas-themed images, e.g., presents, reindeer, elves, Christmas trees, etc. The ten frames are needed because it’s a great way to help children develop a sense of numbers.

Instead of memorizing or counting numbers, children see a visual representation of numbers, which helps them visualize a pattern of dots on the die. Thus, they know the number without needing to count every single one each time. The ten frames also help children develop a strong sense of the number “ten,” which regularly appears in common math operations.

Gingerbread Man Sequencing

The Gingerbread man sequencing Christmas worksheet is a free and fun activity. It is also an excellent way for preschoolers, kindergarteners, and first graders to develop and improve their sequencing and writing skills. A teacher will have to read the Gingerbread Man story to kids before they start completing the sequencing activities here.

Additionally, by completing these worksheets, children in preschool, kindergarten, and first grade will practice reading skills and get familiar with the reading material. To complete  this activity, children must familiarize themselves with the story of the gingerbread man. Since there are many versions of this story, kids have to read some of them and compare the differences.

If there are words children have never known or learned before, they can learn how to use the dictionary to search for the words’ meanings. An excellent way to practice reading comprehension skills is to read the story out loud before beginning this activity.

Christmas Greater Than Less Than

It isn’t easy for kids to get excited about “school work” in December. This is the time when parents and teachers should examine new study approaches and incorporate them into fun learning activities to make learning fun for the kids.

The printable Christmas Greater Than Less Than worksheet for preschoolers, 1st and 2nd graders make kids learn a fun math skill – comparing numbers! Print and cut five matching pages for the numbered area. Children fill in the “greater than” or “less than” symbol in the middle of the blank space to make a correct sentence. 

Color by Number

Elementary school children must be able to read, recognize and write numbers. The Color by Number worksheet is an excellent activity-based coloring book for first graders to learn and distinguish numbers while learning different colors by name. Coloring in the first grade with a number pad, students quickly learn and reinforce the concept of numbers.

Knowledge of numbers is the basis of math learning, and — an online learning platform — is a good place for kids to get started. To use this worksheet, kids must have colored pencils or pens. They will learn number sequences, counting, and basic arithmetic while developing logical thinking skills. 

Christmas Alphabet

The Christmas Alphabet worksheet is in black and white colors to save printer ink costs. For each alphabet page, A-Z, students cut out a letter resembling the gift’s first syllable under the tree. In addition, each page contains an activity that involves finding the letter where children color the decorations that match that Christmas tree.

You can use this activity as a supplemental guide when teaching in your classroom. It works well with a Christmas activity board, during audio practice, or while homeschooling.


As the festive season is coming upon us, we hope it will be more fun as you and your kids spend some time together working on Christmas worksheets. These tools develop children’s creativity, mental arithmetic, analytical mind, problem-solving, and counting skills.

They are accessible, handmade, fun, colorful, professionally designed, and helpful. Just get started, engage kids, and experience the excitement together.

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